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Dirty Little Secrets & Little Black Book

Dirty Little Secrets
$24.99 (Plus Shipping)

Little Black Book
$9.99 (Plus Shipping)

What People Are saying About "Dirty Little Secrets."

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson Founder Black Entertainment Television and The RLJ Companies

"This book, Dirty Little Secrets, is Louis’ way of paying forward enlightened and beneficial knowledge to all who choose to read and immerse themselves in the lessons in this book–and I hope that is everyone."

Richard M. Daley

Richard M. Daley Former Mayor of Chicago

"I have read many books about triumph over troubles, winning despite the odds. This book is that but also a training manual, a kind road map, giving exactly the kind of straightforward guidance for success that so many young people sorely need now, and in that way it is a triumph."

Will Packer

Will Packer Film Producer

"Thank you Louis for sharing your SECRETS to SUCCESS. Your book gives us advice that is so important in our professional and personal lives. This is a must read for everyone who is climbing their way to the top."

Pastor Charles Jenkins

Pastor Charles Jenkins

"Dirty Little Secrets is inside baseball from one of America’s Leading Business Leaders! This book is theory, practice, strategy, and timeless wisdom all wrapped up in one!"

Ronald A. Williams

Ronald A. Williams Founder and CEO RW2 Enterprises, LLC., Former Chairman and CEO Aetna Inc.

"The path to achieving one’s aspiration is often dark, murky and unclear. Dirty Little Secrets shines a much-needed spotlight on the road to success and provides practical guidance that can make the difference between success and failure. Read this book!"

Clint Culpepper

Clint Culpepper President, Screen Gems

"In Dirty Little Secrets, Louis Carr brilliantly shares anecdotes from his fascinating life and captivating success story. In sure-footed fashion, Carr lays out a his own roadmap to greatness with sure-fire tips for the business professional seeking the next level. Dirty Little Secrets makes for a compelling, must read!"